Oh, George…


….no wonder the poor guy hated cameras…


(cue “Jaws”music)

Friends, let us thank reader Betty for bringing forth this HILARIOUS cartoon.

Nature Lover George


I always love seeing images of George interacting with animals. He liked and owned  cats and obviously had an affection for birds, as seen in this charming GIF of him holding what I think is a juvenile albatross or similar bird from that area. This could have been during the trip to Tahiti with John, Cynthia and Pattie.

And in case you didn’t notice them, check out those precious EARS!

George and Hayley Mills.

heyits hayley

I have always loved the little set of shots of these two; they are precious. Unless someone can tell me here, I need to re-locate where I put the info on what event they were attending together.

On a side note, this is an excellent shot showing George’s “fangs”.:)

Rise and Shine!


A very sleepy George wishes you a good Monday morning.

(image scanned by anothergirl83 from LiveJournal–what a great pic!)

Biting Nails Behind Neil.


I’ve seen a  few pics around with George biting his nails. This looks like 1963, with Neil Aspinall in the foreground.

*Jaws Music*


It would be my guess that Paul had a pretty clear view of George’s tonsils quite a lot during the early years of their career.

Bite Me.

George gnaws on then-girlfriend Pattie’s thumb.She married him anyway.

George Cracks Up.

This awesome sequence of photos shows “The Great Stone Face”,as John once called him, finally surrendering to the surrounding tee-hees (Paul has already lost it) and having a laugh.

“I don’t know what you lot think is so funny….” (sulks)

“Well, I suppose it was mildly amusing..”

“Must…keep…mouth straight….”


“Ah, what the hell…HAH!”


Teeth. He had ’em. Big ones. He could have inflicted quite a bite if he felt like it.