Ohhh, so lucky.

Pattie and George aboard the Maylis on their vacation to Tahiti with John and Cyn.

Oh, and people, seriously…don’t bother watermarking photos unless you actually took the photograph. Whoever took this photo–more than likely Cynthia–deserves the credit,and also whoever printed it in a book with permission. SInce I have no idea who the original, permitted distributor of this pic is, all I can say is THANK YOUTHANK YOUTHANK YOU.

EDIT: Hey, look where Pattie’s left hand is. 😀


George and a Little Weenie.


Hmm..the hits seem to have gone down..


Here’s just the remedy….;)

Why have I never seen these before??


These adorable little figures are made in Taiwan, but that’s all that the ebay auction described, and they are long gone and sold. But aren’t they cute? I cannot find the photo at the moment (anyone who has it, post it!), but as you can see, the poses are taken directly from one of the famous Weston Super-Mare beach photos made by Dezo Hoffman in 1963.

The swimsuits and poses are perfect. The likenesses are decent, too, although Paul is looking a little too much like John for my taste. And of course, there’s George…dear George, in his adorably spindly-legged long pants.

..and for your enjoyment, here are the Boys  frolicking in living color in those same suits!

Nature Lover George


I always love seeing images of George interacting with animals. He liked and owned  cats and obviously had an affection for birds, as seen in this charming GIF of him holding what I think is a juvenile albatross or similar bird from that area. This could have been during the trip to Tahiti with John, Cynthia and Pattie.

And in case you didn’t notice them, check out those precious EARS!

Miami Beach Chest-Display Race: John Lennon disqualified!


You’re welcome,ladies.

Who was that masked man?


Oh! It’s just George, surfacing with a swim mask smushing his nose up.

( I think this might be from the ’64 Miami trip)

Again, by popular demand.

Dang. You people really want to see George in a swimsuit. Here, here! Take it! 🙂


By popular demand…

Judging from the search stats, looks like a lot of you are looking for “George Harrison  in a swimsuit”. Well, who am I to ignore such a brilliant request?


Sorry such a small pic, but it’s cropped out of a much larger photo Pattie took.

’64, on the Beach in Miami.

Pictures of the Boys in Miami are some of the best Beatle photos ever, for obvious reasons–tight little swimsuits.
George definitely had the hairiest legs of the bunch.

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