Ding Dong!

Not the best Christmas song in the world in my book,but hey, it’s our George, and he’s so damned loony in this video. Happy Christmas, everyone!



Couple of Knuckleheads

When George, Pattie, Cynthia and John all went on their Tahiti trip together, John and George donned wigs(that the girls had used previously for disguises), hats and raincoats and made a wacky home movie about a missionary (John) who rises from the water to save the heathen natives. Oh, how I wish this film would turn up someplace.It would be the ultimate YouTube experience.


George in shorts rocks my socks.

I also tend to get a giggle out of his long, downward-pointing toes.


I am baffled. One day we get about 60 hits here, the next day it shoots to well over two hundred. I’d really love to know who’s paying my little site a visit–hello and welcome!




I love pics like these…George, you grew your hair longer, but you couldn’t  hide those big round ears forever. Put on sunglasses and *poink!* there they are.:)

Just a great pic.


I think what I like most about this pic(other than George’s great violet shirt) is that it almost looks as if it could have been taken today. The clothes aren’t really dated, and neither are the hairstyles.

Who is the guy on the left?  I can’t place the face.

Just look over your shoulder….

“Enjoying the scenery, luv?”