Whew! Sorry for the absence.


To make up for being away so long, I offer you George, just gotten up, in his pajamas and unshaved, with trashed hair.


You’re welcome.:)



Sleepy George.

Photos of George sleeping are rare, which really stinks, as he was so adorable. Even the main pic I was looking for eludes me at the moment, but fear not,I’ll find it.

This is of course a screencap from Help!, and he’s just acting, but I wonder if he really slept like this; with his feet hanging off the side and covers pulled up to his ears. 🙂

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Mystery Pic: Tired or Enjoying a Solo?

Here’s a pic that stumps even me. Viewer Betty sent it in. While we agreed that it must be at the Wonderwall Premiere, judging from his clothing and hairstyle, the action(or lack of) in the photo had us in discussion.

When I’ve seen this pic, I’ve often thought it was George wearing that same outfit, but at another time, and playing guitar and just really getting into a solo. Now that I think about it, it really wasn’t George’s style to do this. He was pretty subdued.

Betty’s inquiry about the pic seemed to point in an entirely new direction–looking at it in another way, he could be asleep and leaning back against a chair or couch.

He could also be looking up at something and caught in mid-blink.

Does anyone have a picture of this that doesn’t cut him off at the chest? Seeing a little more of him would definitely help. But then again, don’t we always want to see a little more George? ;D

Rise and Shine!


A very sleepy George wishes you a good Monday morning.

(image scanned by anothergirl83 from LiveJournal–what a great pic!)

Tired Beatles.


Poor guys. I can’t imagine how exhausting their schedule must have been. George looks ready to pass out, and he’d better mind his ciggy!

Bedtime with the Beatles–George Edition.

Sorry, girls, not what you think.;) Still, you can enjoy this lovely screencap of George snoozing on a plane while soft instrumental versions of classic Beatles songs play.

Sleeping Beatles.

This is from the movie Help! and of course the Boys are just doing this for the camera,but I am so glad George is right in the front; that is such an adorable shot of him all snuggled in bed. Just darling.
There is also a continuity glitch here.After John calls the others on the phone and wakes them up,a nightstand magically appears by George’s bed.

I also think it’s funny that George is wearing his watch with pajamas,and his hair is perfect. If the crew had wanted a little realism, they should have had George’s hair be an absolute wreck.Judging from hotel-room pictures I’ve seen of just-woken-up Beatles, George had some incredible pillow hair. But, this is a fictional sixties movie with a popular batch of celebrity darlings, and I guess the crew wanted them looking slick and clean.

Here’s George with some nice pillow hair,and not looking very happy about having his picture taken with it.