Oh, George…


….no wonder the poor guy hated cameras…


A little higher, please?

Hilarious pic of Geo while the Boys were in Miami in 1964. I have no CLUE what is transpiring here, but I sure would have liked to have been a part of it!

Thanks, reader Betty!

Ding Dong!

Not the best Christmas song in the world in my book,but hey, it’s our George, and he’s so damned loony in this video. Happy Christmas, everyone!


Couple of Knuckleheads

When George, Pattie, Cynthia and John all went on their Tahiti trip together, John and George donned wigs(that the girls had used previously for disguises), hats and raincoats and made a wacky home movie about a missionary (John) who rises from the water to save the heathen natives. Oh, how I wish this film would turn up someplace.It would be the ultimate YouTube experience.

Aye, Jim Lad on a Dead Man’s Chest!


No George Harrison Blogger worth her salt would let “Talk LikeĀ  Pirate Day” pass without sharing this little gem:



Jeff Lynne, George, a fellow I cannot identify, and what looks like a box of Quaker Oats.

You just never know what will show up in a George photo.

That’s our Boy!

I love George’s answer to “What kind of girl do you like?”

Such a Flirt.


George being cute during a break in A Hard Day’s Night filming,with Pattie and one of the other “schoolgirls”.

How thin was he?

Dear Georgie, so thin that his belt buckle droops.

Drop the Towel!

On a hotel balcony, waving to fans, George seems to be missing one important item of clothing and has replaced it with a towel.I bet the others brought him out on the balcony just to whip the fans into a frenzy down below:”Drop the towel! Drop the towel!”

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