George Pwns the Reporters.

Fame didn’t suit George well; while Paul was a good PR man, Ringo went with the flow, and John always had good humor and a wall of wisecracks for protection, poor George seemed to get really grumpy and defensive at times. Can’t say I blame him. Here he, then-girlfriend Pattie and John and Cynthia are heading off on their trip to Tahiti and George snaps a little in front of reporters (don’t worry, the sound eventually comes on).


Couple of Knuckleheads

When George, Pattie, Cynthia and John all went on their Tahiti trip together, John and George donned wigs(that the girls had used previously for disguises), hats and raincoats and made a wacky home movie about a missionary (John) who rises from the water to save the heathen natives. Oh, how I wish this film would turn up someplace.It would be the ultimate YouTube experience.

Just thought you should know.

According to Tony Barrow in his book, John, Paul,George,Ringo and Me, the True Story of the Beatles, George once made a confession about what his ultimate fantasy would be:

Unlimited sex all hours of the day or night.

Uh….anyone else need a cold drink right about now?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

You know what? It is very hard to find photos of George wearing green. I finally settled on this— George in his bottle- green suit the Beatles wore when they played at Budokan. But what’s really neat is this webpage devoted to his Irish Heritage!

Also, today is Pattie Boyd’s birthday!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ohhh, so lucky.

Pattie and George aboard the Maylis on their vacation to Tahiti with John and Cyn.

Oh, and people, seriously…don’t bother watermarking photos unless you actually took the photograph. Whoever took this photo–more than likely Cynthia–deserves the credit,and also whoever printed it in a book with permission. SInce I have no idea who the original, permitted distributor of this pic is, all I can say is THANK YOUTHANK YOUTHANK YOU.

EDIT: Hey, look where Pattie’s left hand is. 😀

Such a Flirt.


George being cute during a break in A Hard Day’s Night filming,with Pattie and one of the other “schoolgirls”.

Happy Birthday, Pattie Boyd!


There was a time when you had the best present of all.;)

Bite Me.

George gnaws on then-girlfriend Pattie’s thumb.She married him anyway.


Taken on the trip to Tahiti with Pattie,John and Cynthia,this pic is nineteen kinds of hot.

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