Hope everyone had a nice Mum’s Day!

I apologize sincerely for the lack of updates. Got a new computer, but all my photos are on the old one and it’s a bit of a hike getting to the old pics.


Mum Couldn’t Believe It.


George’s whole family is pictured here; Harry, Louise, George(being cheeky),Peter, and Mother Louise and Father Harry.

I read something fascinating in one of my books. Louise Harrison, George’s mum, was one of the many people who believed that the Apollo landing was a hoax, but in Louise’s case things were a big different. Psychologists say that sometimes when  a person has had something so overwhelming happen in his or her life–such as one’s child becoming globally famous–that the mind becomes completely saturated, numbed, and unable to comprehend other seemingly implausible events. In other words, although she was immensely proud of her youngest, her  mind couldn’t accept another huge happening.

Just thought that was interesting to add with all the Apollo hubbub going on.

Meet the Fam!


I’m guessing George’s mother took the photo. Otherwise, everyone is here: Sister Louise, father Harold, brother Harry, George, and brother Peter.

George Harrison Havin’ a Drink with Mum.


This could be from ’61 or ’62, as George still has his hair piled high.

Mum, Dad, Wifey and–?

Here’s an unusual one.Here’s Geo’s parents, Harry and Louise, wife Pattie,and an unidentified fan.