Whew! Sorry for the absence.


To make up for being away so long, I offer you George, just gotten up, in his pajamas and unshaved, with trashed hair.


You’re welcome.:)



Singing in the Shower!

Sorry, folks, if I fooled ya..(wink, wink). Seriously, though, aren’t the acoustics in bathrooms great?

Geo and Baby Blue!

Our field reporter Betty sent me an amazing pic. Just..gorgeous.


Jesus George Delivers a Sermon


I know, I shouldn’t call him Jesus George. But the resemblance is uncanny…and the spindly arm is adorable.  C’mon, Georgie, have a sammich.

Troll Photobomb.

I cannot recall if I’ve posted this pic before, but I love it for so many reasons–seeing George at home in his kitchen(I think), his long curly hair pulled back in a ponytail, the gentle smile on his face, all the little bits and bobs in the kitchen, and, if nothing else, the troll in the front.

I am actually not sure if this is Friar Park, because I have seen a yellow-tiled kitchen in clips of it. However, maybe this was in another one of his homes,in another area of Friar Park, or possibly even at a friend’s home.Wish I knew!

Before the fight at the OK Corral..

I always thought George looked like an old west saloon patron in this outfit.

Can you take it?

You may commence with sending me offerings, my minions. ;D

Nearly-Grown Beanpole.

I especially love this photo of young Paul and George together because George, at about 17, hasn’t even finished growing yet.

Artist Paul!

A cartoon Paul drew of George, which is pretty freakin’ hilarious.

Okay,I’ll let our dear Paul be in the spotlight…


But only because there’s a shirtless,biceppy George with a towel on his head in the background! XD

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