Singing in the Shower!

Sorry, folks, if I fooled ya..(wink, wink). Seriously, though, aren’t the acoustics in bathrooms great?


George gets an IPhone app.

Not sure how to express the awesome any other way, but…OH MY GOD.

” ‘ave I got it?”


George working his way through re-stringing a Rickenbacker 12-string.

Just thought you should know.

According to Tony Barrow in his book, John, Paul,George,Ringo and Me, the True Story of the Beatles, George once made a confession about what his ultimate fantasy would be:

Unlimited sex all hours of the day or night.

Uh….anyone else need a cold drink right about now?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

You know what? It is very hard to find photos of George wearing green. I finally settled on this— George in his bottle- green suit the Beatles wore when they played at Budokan. But what’s really neat is this webpage devoted to his Irish Heritage!

Also, today is Pattie Boyd’s birthday!

My favorite guitar


George with his Gibson SG.I think this is from the “Lady Madonna” session.

Just a laugh.


Notice how much straighter Geo’s teeth are in this pic–alas, the fangs seem to be disappearing. But it’s still a great shot of George in a moment of amusement.

Go, Georgie, GO!

This is ’63,I think, and our Georgie boy is just one smokin’ hot kid.

Lizzie Webb and George.

This is a darling photo of Wilburys-era George and Lizzie Webb of TV-AM, which is a sort of morning show in the UK.And of course, you can see some of George’s lovely garden hedges in the background.
Also, note the crazy green Telecaster George is carrying around, unplugged.

EDIT: Oops,I thought the green Strat George is holding was the green Telecaster he has here>But on closer inspection, of course they are completely different, even down to the white pickguard on the former.


Wilbury George and his Crazy Shoes.

As well as looking very handsome in this photo,George is wearing some of his nutty colorful tennis shoes.

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