One more reason to love stripes.


Pack Up the Old Year!


Happy New Year, everyone!

Thank you, Douglas Millings…

For your wonderful stage suits you made the Boys, especially the..uh…pants.

Stripes n’ Ruffles…

I completely forgot what this picture is from..I want to say it’s a premiere in France, for a film in which George performed the soundtrack. Anyone?

George Undone, II

So I never thought there could be more of the Undone Zipper Chronicles, and then I find this:

Georgie, sometimes you were just plain weird. Delightful, but weird. I guess being trapped in hotel rooms makes you do odd things. 🙂

Droopy Belt.

I always get a kick out of Paul and George standing side by side, as it’s easy to see what a higher waist Paul had as opposed to George’s longer torso. Also, notice George’s huge shirt collar x 2, his fab bleachy jeans,and his belt, which is drooping. 🙂

Bleachy Jeans.


This pic from behind the scenes of making Help! show George in his awesome bleached-out jeans that he did himself.

Why have I never seen these before??


These adorable little figures are made in Taiwan, but that’s all that the ebay auction described, and they are long gone and sold. But aren’t they cute? I cannot find the photo at the moment (anyone who has it, post it!), but as you can see, the poses are taken directly from one of the famous Weston Super-Mare beach photos made by Dezo Hoffman in 1963.

The swimsuits and poses are perfect. The likenesses are decent, too, although Paul is looking a little too much like John for my taste. And of course, there’s George…dear George, in his adorably spindly-legged long pants.

..and for your enjoyment, here are the Boys  frolicking in living color in those same suits!



I always like seeing pics of George dressed casually, with that wide leather belt. Offsets those lean little hips quite nicely.

Poofy Shirt Judo Chop! At Gunpoint!


This is from the infamous “Ringo Running Around in a Hot Pink Towel with a Pistol” photo session, and all of them are an absolute hoot to look at.

Does anyone know the story of WHY Ringo is in the hot pink towel? I know they’re hanging out by a pool of an American actor that was in old Western movies…did Ringo get his trousers soaked and that was all he had to wear?

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