Stunning Profile, Dropped Jaw

I’ve noticed something really cute in many many pics of George…when he is focusing on what he’s doing, his mouth drops open. Here’s a fine example.


Singing in the Shower!

Sorry, folks, if I fooled ya..(wink, wink). Seriously, though, aren’t the acoustics in bathrooms great?

Everybody’s Trying to be My Baby – The Beatles in Paris


Blue Boy!

A couple of things to point out here:


1)Ringo is still a smoker.

2)George is wearing the jacket to the suit he wears in the WIlburys’ “She’s My Baby” video.


One more reason to love stripes.

(cue “Jaws”music)

Friends, let us thank reader Betty for bringing forth this HILARIOUS cartoon.

Our “George” Xmas Compilation CD Cover!

This was from a few years ago; we are on Volume 8 now! 🙂

And here is the art on the disc itself. 🙂


All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle!

And I bet you know which one I want….XD

Seriously, folks, when my husband found this oldie but goodie a few years ago and played it for me,I demanded it be the title track of our Christmas music compilation that year. 🙂

Can you take it?

You may commence with sending me offerings, my minions. ;D

Happy Halloween!

The Boys are just dressed up in pantomime costumes here, and there is a brilliant pic with George wearing Paul’s kitty hat,but I post that every year(plus I can’t find it at the moment). But enjoy this pic and its naughty references, compliments of George and Kitty-Paul’s snatched-off tail. 😀

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