Artist Paul!

A cartoon Paul drew of George, which is pretty freakin’ hilarious.


Eight Arms to Hold You?

Is it me, or does George look not quite “all there” in this pic? Still, it’s a very neat and unusual presentation;I like it.

In other exciting news,I’ve seen people griping elsewhere about watermarks and wanting credit for scanning photos from a book. People, unless you are the individual who snapped or originally published the photos, zip it.

The Official Beatles Coloring Book.

This perfectly lovely drawing comes to us from The Official Beatles Coloring Book, and is the work of illustrator Nan Pollard. Here you can read a little story about the artists’ granddaughter,Kory Bingaman, and an amusing story behind the creation of the coloring book, made in 1964.

Now, a seller on Etsy (and I imagine countless others)has decided it’s okay to trace Mrs. Pollard’s work and alter it and sell it as their own. If you read Ms. Bingaman’s article and look at the scans of the coloring book, you can see a picture of Paul brushing his teeth that has clearly been altered into this Etsy seller’s “Banana” piece. Sad.

My Beatles Scarecrows!


If you’ve looked at my Puppatoons Blog recently, you may have heard about my scarecrows that I made to enter a contest at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Here’s an entry about how they did.

I guess it’s easy to spot George, haha…:)

Another Pic of the Pepper Suit!


Is this cute or what? It looks like you can make a little stand-up for your desk or shelf, judging from the dotted line areas at the bottom. I think this came with a limited edition box set of Cloud Nine.

Hirschfeld George.


A lovely cartoon by the late, great, caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.

Here are some other Hirschfeld drawings of the group!




1967 (gotta find a bigger copy,even if the colors are wrong!)





All my George Characters.

Yesh, plug-time. πŸ™‚


I finally decided to gather all my George-related cartoon and puppet characters here. That was fun!

The post does not include L’Angelo, the main character in NorthClaw; he’s still quite separate. But man, there sure are a lot of these Dark Horse-esque fellas. πŸ™‚

Funny Face!


Great. Now I can’t remember the full story behind this, but I’ll do my best.

British Eastern Airlines (or is it Airways) had four cutout blank Beatle faces on the inside door of a plane in which the Beatles were traveling. Given the length of this “George” cutout’s hair, I am guessing it was 1966. The cutouts were taken down and the Beatles were asked to autograph them (it might have been for charity, but now I can’t find the blasted article) any way they wished. George drew this hilarious face and signed his chin. πŸ™‚

Attention! Dear sweet “Letitbeatles” on Twitter gave me the original link I had lost. Thank you!

My Wiitles!


Just had to show these little guys off..we made Beatles on our Wii ages ago.I admit Paul probably needs more work.

The Updated “George” Mini!

From the Mini Cooper(BMW) website:

In celebration of the 50th birthday of the MINI automobile, the company has recreated and updated George Harrison’s original MINI.

harrison mini

In 1966, Beatles manager Brian Epstein gave each member of the band a Mini Cooper S as a gift. George Harrison took his car and painted it with different psychedelic images. The car was later seen in The Beatles’ film, Magical Mystery Tour. MINI has recreated Harrison’s car in an updated version, with the one and only model going to Olivia Harrison. The car was accepted by the Beatle’s widow on behalf of the Material Charitable Foundation, a charity set up by George in 1973. The car will be auctioned later this year, with proceeds going to the foundation. Olivia Harrison had this to say, “George was a huge MINI fan and he would have enjoyed creating this new version. The fact that MINI’s anniversary celebrations will also benefit our Foundation has made it an enjoyable as well as meaningful collaboration.”

ISN’T IT THE CUTEST CAR EVER? OMG, I want one. Too bad there IS only one.

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