Geo and Baby Blue!

Our field reporter Betty sent me an amazing pic. Just..gorgeous.



Jesus George Delivers a Sermon


I know, I shouldn’t call him Jesus George. But the resemblance is uncanny…and the spindly arm is adorable.  C’mon, Georgie, have a sammich.

Kneel, handsome fellow!

George right around the time of  “Crackerbox Palace”, with Friar Park in the background. Not sure who the guy is that he is kneeling before. It looks the tiniest bit like his dad.

Troll Photobomb.

I cannot recall if I’ve posted this pic before, but I love it for so many reasons–seeing George at home in his kitchen(I think), his long curly hair pulled back in a ponytail, the gentle smile on his face, all the little bits and bobs in the kitchen, and, if nothing else, the troll in the front.

I am actually not sure if this is Friar Park, because I have seen a yellow-tiled kitchen in clips of it. However, maybe this was in another one of his homes,in another area of Friar Park, or possibly even at a friend’s home.Wish I knew!

Ding Dong!

Not the best Christmas song in the world in my book,but hey, it’s our George, and he’s so damned loony in this video. Happy Christmas, everyone!



George in shorts rocks my socks.

I also tend to get a giggle out of his long, downward-pointing toes.

PRICELESS footage of George watching “This Boy”!

The YouTube description says it all:

Here is some priceless footage of George watching the Beatles performing “This Boy” from years before. He seems to be in a great mood and not bitter about the Beatles at all at this point. Enjoy!

I think Olivia is standing behind George as he watches.