Oh, George…


….no wonder the poor guy hated cameras…


Singing in the Shower!

Sorry, folks, if I fooled ya..(wink, wink). Seriously, though, aren’t the acoustics in bathrooms great?

Everybody’s Trying to be My Baby – The Beatles in Paris


Tonight, on “Spotlight on the Beatle”…

..we have Georgie.:)

Good Morning, Mr.Scrooge!

In his vintage top hat, doesn’t George look as if he could have stepped right out of A Christmas Carol?

Can you take it?

You may commence with sending me offerings, my minions. ;D



Thank you, Douglas Millings…

For your wonderful stage suits you made the Boys, especially the..uh…pants.

Straw Hat “Help” prop

Certainly many of you love George’s straw hat pictures from Help! Ever wonder where that hat ended up? Well,I don’t have a picture, but supposedly it resides in The Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya, along with George’s suit from The Concert for Bangladesh. Take a look!

“I’m the MAN.”

My pal Smits turned me on to this. You’ll love it.

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