Oh, George…


….no wonder the poor guy hated cameras…


Stunning Profile, Dropped Jaw

I’ve noticed something really cute in many many pics of George…when he is focusing on what he’s doing, his mouth drops open. Here’s a fine example.

Oh, please.

George looks as if he wants someone to just go away or get on with it.

” ‘ave I got it?”


George working his way through re-stringing a Rickenbacker 12-string.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pack Up the Old Year!


Happy New Year, everyone!

Gorgeous George Wants His Jacket Back!

All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle!

And I bet you know which one I want….XD

Seriously, folks, when my husband found this oldie but goodie a few years ago and played it for me,I demanded it be the title track of our Christmas music compilation that year. 🙂

Peep over the snowman!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays..here’s a little George to make them even brighter@

George’s Skirt!

When the Beatles performed their Beatles Christmas Show, at the Astoria Cinema, Finsbury Park, London, New Years Eve, 31st December 1963, there was an adorable skit that so far has never shown upon film. But many photos exist of this classic bit of tomfoolery from the Boys.

John played the mustachioed villain, Paul the handsome hero, George the helpless heroine called Ermyntrude, and Ringo, from what I understand, threw snow.

George, being in drag, had to wear a skirt. And that tiny little Harrison waist just couldn’t hold it up. SO a belt was improvised with a string.

Cynthia Lennon certainly was amused.


Two more pics of the whole group:

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