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Hi, George Harrison lovers, and welcome!

In October of 2008, I had the absolute joy of meeting George’s sister, the
very wonderful and sweet Louise.

At the panel in which Louise was a guest at the FabFourFest in
Nashville,she did announce that she would not answer questions about
George’s childhood, as she felt that was the only part of his life that
was private and she wanted to honor that.She did say she would tell the
story of the day he was born, however,”because he wasn’t too conscious
of anything that day, anyway”, and this is it:

It was in 1943.She said that she was pretty innocent, as were most
children of that era, about the “birds and the bees” at age 11. George
was due on Feb 3, but was taking forever and was very late. Lou said
that every day when she left the house for school, neighbors would ask
her,with concern,”Has your mum had the baby yet?” and Lou would reply
no, and couldn’t figure out what all the worry was about–she truly
thought the stork would just come and drop the baby off and that would
be it.
So February 25 came, and that morning,when Lou got up to go to
school,she went in her parents’ room, and lo and behold, her mum said,
“Look, here’s your new baby brother.” He had been born at 10 after
midnight. And Louise said “I already had two other brothers and I
couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Every baby I had ever
seen was this horrible, wrinkly, red-and-purple thing and that’s what I
was expecting George to look like.” So her mother asked, “Do you want
to hold him?” and Lou came over to the bed to hold him, and she said
when she took him into her arms, she was amazed to discover that he had
a lovely little scrap of blond hair, long, long eyelashes,those big
brown eyes, lovely skin, and his fingernails were already grown out.She
said,”He was absolutely the most beautiful baby I had ever seen, and I
thought, ‘now,
that’s what a baby should look like’, and I instantly felt a great protectiveness toward him.”
She laughed and said, “I now realize why he was so late–he was just
staying in there until he was all finished.” We howled laughing at
that. And then she added, “but he weighed
ten pounds.”

Huge collective groan from the women after that.

The other story moved all of us very much:
Louise said she had recently had a dream in which George was alive and
wanting to buy some real estate in Branson, Missouri, where she lives.
He was saying he was “free to do what he liked and free of commitments”
and he was all excited about getting to move to America and go about
his daily business as a normal person,without getting mobbed, etc. So
she was sitting down talking with him about where he could get a house,
and I think she said she had taken him around to some neighborhoods,
and it felt so
and then she woke up. She then realized that it was a dream, and George
was still gone, and she said,”That is the hardest I have ever cried
since his death. It felt so real, like he was right with me and he was
going to move here and we could see each other more often”.

Things were a bit silent for a moment.

Louise has the address to my websites. If she ever happened to take
a look,I want something to be here that I could be proud of; showing
love for George in a visual arena. After all, I’m a very visual
person;I love the clothes, cars, the furniture,wallpaper, the other
Beatles; everything about those great old Beatles pics. So here, I pay
tribute in pictures to The Quiet One, The Dark Horse, Good Old
Hari….our dear George Harrison.

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