Gorgeous George Wants His Jacket Back!


Ding Dong!

Not the best Christmas song in the world in my book,but hey, it’s our George, and he’s so damned loony in this video. Happy Christmas, everyone!


Good Morning, Mr.Scrooge!

In his vintage top hat, doesn’t George look as if he could have stepped right out of A Christmas Carol?

Our “George” Xmas Compilation CD Cover!

This was from a few years ago; we are on Volume 8 now! 🙂

And here is the art on the disc itself. 🙂


All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle!

And I bet you know which one I want….XD

Seriously, folks, when my husband found this oldie but goodie a few years ago and played it for me,I demanded it be the title track of our Christmas music compilation that year. 🙂

Peep over the snowman!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays..here’s a little George to make them even brighter@