John Lennon called George “hatchet face”, but there’s no denying that those are some killer cheekbones.


Sleepy George.

Photos of George sleeping are rare, which really stinks, as he was so adorable. Even the main pic I was looking for eludes me at the moment, but fear not,I’ll find it.

This is of course a screencap from Help!, and he’s just acting, but I wonder if he really slept like this; with his feet hanging off the side and covers pulled up to his ears. 🙂

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Now what?

Poor George.He got this piece of construction equipment all the way out here, and now it looks as if he hasn’t any idea what to do with it.

(seriously, folks,I am 99% positive this is just after he moved into Friar Park, and it needed tons of restoration, inside and out)

Happy Birthday, Dhani!

A most happy birthday to that very talented and handsome offspring of my favorite Beatle.