Bedroom eyes in a barn.

This, my dear readers, is, to me, the most sexiest photo of Mr. Harrison I’ve ever seen. I have nothing else to say.




George Pwns the Reporters.

Fame didn’t suit George well; while Paul was a good PR man, Ringo went with the flow, and John always had good humor and a wall of wisecracks for protection, poor George seemed to get really grumpy and defensive at times. Can’t say I blame him. Here he, then-girlfriend Pattie and John and Cynthia are heading off on their trip to Tahiti and George snaps a little in front of reporters (don’t worry, the sound eventually comes on).

George and Ice Cream

Did you know that Baskin Robbins created an ice cream called  “Beatle Nut” in 1964? Now archived in the “Deep Freeze”, the flavor is long since retired. It was Pistachio ice cream with a chocolate ribbon and walnuts.

Out the door!

George doesn’t look to sure about that first step…

Artist Paul!

A cartoon Paul drew of George, which is pretty freakin’ hilarious.