Mystery Pic: Tired or Enjoying a Solo?

Here’s a pic that stumps even me. Viewer Betty sent it in. While we agreed that it must be at the Wonderwall Premiere, judging from his clothing and hairstyle, the action(or lack of) in the photo had us in discussion.

When I’ve seen this pic, I’ve often thought it was George wearing that same outfit, but at another time, and playing guitar and just really getting into a solo. Now that I think about it, it really wasn’t George’s style to do this. He was pretty subdued.

Betty’s inquiry about the pic seemed to point in an entirely new direction–looking at it in another way, he could be asleep and leaning back against a chair or couch.

He could also be looking up at something and caught in mid-blink.

Does anyone have a picture of this that doesn’t cut him off at the chest? Seeing a little more of him would definitely help. But then again, don’t we always want to see a little more George? ;D


Couple of Knuckleheads

When George, Pattie, Cynthia and John all went on their Tahiti trip together, John and George donned wigs(that the girls had used previously for disguises), hats and raincoats and made a wacky home movie about a missionary (John) who rises from the water to save the heathen natives. Oh, how I wish this film would turn up someplace.It would be the ultimate YouTube experience.

Happy April 15th!

George in the rack!

Viewer Betty sent this in to me–is it not HILARIOUSLY adorable? Beatles first American Visit, 1964, on the train to Washington. You’ve probably seen a pic of George up in the luggage rack on the train–well, this is how he got up there!

Need Help?

You can ask the, uh…almost expert! Seriously, if you have a George pic that you just can’t tell where/when it’s from, or just want the story behind it, send it to me.I’ll post it with my best answer, and if I’m mistaken OR if I have no clue about it, others can help. So send your mystery pics to

“Uh..just looking for coconuts!”

I don’t know why, but to me this image of George skittering up a palm tree in a little short bathing suit is adorable.

Ah, adult acne.

Poor George. I’ve read that he often had to wear more stage makeup than the others in the Beatles’ early days because he had the worst skin problems. You often see candid, everyday pics of younger George with quite a lot of blemishes. Here, a makeup man, possibly on the set of A Hard Days Night, looks as if he’s giving specific spot treatments to Geo’s face.

I feel your pain, George! I’m 38 and I still have to deal with it!

Straw Hat “Help” prop

Certainly many of you love George’s straw hat pictures from Help! Ever wonder where that hat ended up? Well,I don’t have a picture, but supposedly it resides in The Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya, along with George’s suit from The Concert for Bangladesh. Take a look!