“It Don’t Come Easy”, sung by George.

Yes, you read that right. Want to hear George sing the song he wrote for Ringo?


Just thought you should know.

According to Tony Barrow in his book, John, Paul,George,Ringo and Me, the True Story of the Beatles, George once made a confession about what his ultimate fantasy would be:

Unlimited sex all hours of the day or night.

Uh….anyone else need a cold drink right about now?

George gets belted.

I think they were in Texas here.

I would have loved to have seen him wearing that belt..

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

You know what? It is very hard to find photos of George wearing green. I finally settled on this— George in his bottle- green suit the Beatles wore when they played at Budokan. But what’s really neat is this webpage devoted to his Irish Heritage!

Also, today is Pattie Boyd’s birthday!

Eight Arms to Hold You?

Is it me, or does George look not quite “all there” in this pic? Still, it’s a very neat and unusual presentation;I like it.

In other exciting news,I’ve seen people griping elsewhere about watermarks and wanting credit for scanning photos from a book. People, unless you are the individual who snapped or originally published the photos, zip it.

He even smokes while he’s doing it…

The cute thing is that George looks like a penguin sliding on the ice. The sad thing is that even in this awkward pose,he still manages to hang onto a cigarette.

For comparison:


George in shorts rocks my socks.

I also tend to get a giggle out of his long, downward-pointing toes.

Boozin’ it up with The Son.

Dear god. The boy definitely has his father’s build.

Little Blondie!

George was born with blond hair. Genetically,I’m not really sure how this works, but I’ve known of a lot of people whose hair color changes drastically with age.

I’m glad it turned dark..can’t imagine him as an adult with blond hair. It would have taken away his mystique..:)

But damn, wasn’t he cute???