The E.C. Beatles!

I wish I had a sketch or photos for you, but I would like to make a little announcement, since today is such a special day.:)

I’ll be collaborating with my friend Smits, also a skilled puppeteer, artist and Beatle fan. We will be working on a show for the web, tentatively called “The E.C. Beatles”, after George’s half-joking term describing Ringo and himself,” The Economy Class Beatles”. We will be making puppets of George (for me) and Ringo(for her),complete with the little gray stage suits, and our intent is to have them “review” all sorts of Beatle-related news and items, from what Sir Paul is up to,to Rock Band, to horrible art and faked autographs on ebay, to funny clips and demo records. Pretty much anything we can find that we think would be humorous and fun to have the puppets talk about, we’ll feature it.

I’ll post updates both here and on my Puppatoons site once we get started. Until then, here’s my puppets and designs for puppets that have a little inspiration from George.


Smile Pretty on your Birthday!

George’s Un-Birthday?

So apparently a story went around years ago that George learned he was born ten minutes before midnight instead of ten minutes after, and therefore was confused, thinking he’d been celebrating his birthday on the wrong day(Feb 25) all this time. I can’t confirm this,and I know of a contradictory story but I can’t find it. D:

In the article, Louise Harrison, his sister, couldn’t understand how the story got started–she said it was written in a family bible that he was born ten minutes after midnight and that was that.

Do take note, however, that if you read the “about” section of this site, that Lou was not actually present at his birth, but got up the next morning and discovered he’d been born.

Another interesting fact is that Louise Harrison, George’s mother, used to always call him at midnight on his birthday, no matter where he was in the world.

So was George born on the 24th or 25th? We may never know for sure. So, to make it easier on poor ol’ Georgie, we’ll just celebrate it both days and be done with it.

If you have a favorite picture to post, please do so in  comment!

George turns 24 in India, and gets his head caught when too many flower garlands are bestowed upon him.

“I’m the MAN.”

My pal Smits turned me on to this. You’ll love it.

The Official Beatles Coloring Book.

This perfectly lovely drawing comes to us from The Official Beatles Coloring Book, and is the work of illustrator Nan Pollard. Here you can read a little story about the artists’ granddaughter,Kory Bingaman, and an amusing story behind the creation of the coloring book, made in 1964.

Now, a seller on Etsy (and I imagine countless others)has decided it’s okay to trace Mrs. Pollard’s work and alter it and sell it as their own. If you read Ms. Bingaman’s article and look at the scans of the coloring book, you can see a picture of Paul brushing his teeth that has clearly been altered into this Etsy seller’s “Banana” piece. Sad.

George Harrison Font.

I wish there was a way I could actually purchase this font based on George Harrison’s handwriting.

Cute note that might be on the back of a photo and sent to George’s “Mam”. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

That’s What I Want!

Happened to see this on ebay, but the auction description was so vague I couldn’t tell what these were all about. Oh, well. The pics of the boys are from all over the place,but they did pick an exceptionally sexy one for George.

Happy Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan Day!

Can you believe it was 46 years ago that The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan?

Alas, it almost wasn’t to be from George, as he was quite sick beforehand,bedridden pretty much from the time they arrived in America until right before the Boys were scheduled to go on.The hotel doctor shot George full of medicine and a whopping dose of amphetamines and he was driven to the studio.It is amazing what a lively performance he gave that night.

Since his sister Louise had flown to the hotel to take care of her brother–she had emigrated to America with her husband a few years before–I had the opportunity to actually ask her, “What was actually wrong with George?” when I got  to meet her.She said she really wasn’t sure if it was ever said–it was either the flu or strep throat,but that he was definitely ill,with a high fever. She also quipped, “The doctor entrusted me with his care, since I was the only female in the United States at that very moment who could  be around him and keep her mental facilities”.:)

Stripes n’ Ruffles…

I completely forgot what this picture is from..I want to say it’s a premiere in France, for a film in which George performed the soundtrack. Anyone?

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