I’m trying to deduct where this would be—George’s room at home, or a hotel room? Either way, I can’t argue I like peeking at what’s in his suitcase…just the little everyday trappings of living. 🙂


Ohhh, so lucky.

Pattie and George aboard the Maylis on their vacation to Tahiti with John and Cyn.

Oh, and people, seriously…don’t bother watermarking photos unless you actually took the photograph. Whoever took this photo–more than likely Cynthia–deserves the credit,and also whoever printed it in a book with permission. SInce I have no idea who the original, permitted distributor of this pic is, all I can say is THANK YOUTHANK YOUTHANK YOU.

EDIT: Hey, look where Pattie’s left hand is. 😀

Please keep your thoughts with Lou.

I’m not sure of any other details, but Louise Harrison’s son, Gordon Caldwell, has died. Please keep Louise and her family in your prayers tonight.

Happy New Year!

Snagged this from my friend Amanda, and flipped it since it was backwards. Watches were on the wrong arms, buttons on wrong sides of jackets.

George, you’re making a mess!