George vs. Food, continued.

I made a gallery of all the pics I could quickly find on my desktop of George eating. And there seems to be…a lot.


Droopy Belt.

I always get a kick out of Paul and George standing side by side, as it’s easy to see what a higher waist Paul had as opposed to George’s longer torso. Also, notice George’s huge shirt collar x 2, his fab bleachy jeans,and his belt, which is drooping. 🙂

Happy Christmas Morning!

That Georgie…he knows what the women want under their tree.:)

Happy Crimble Video!

Guess who starts off this adorable mix of clips and pics?


Am I not alone in wanting to give something a little pat?

Estelle Bennett of The Ronettes and George.

This morning I remembered reading someplace that George had dated one of the Ronettes. A few clicks into Google, and look what we have.:)

Beatle-ish White Christmas.

I think this is just plain brilliant.

“If I put this on, they’ll never recognize me!”

Sorry, Georgie. That mouth is simply too distinctive.:)