Quick bit of info:

A new community called “harrison_whores” has opened up on LiveJournal. I once owned the community “harrisonwhores” until two things happened:

A)People quit posting, and I got tired of being the only active member.  By keeping my own blog, visitors can come and go as they please, and I know that even if I am the only one  posting, the only person I have to answer to or be responsible for is me.

B) I met Louise Harrison. After talking with her, and seeing how much she respected keeping certain aspects of her brother’s life private,it made me think differently about him. I still adore him, love to see pics of him, and I’ll watch him like a hawk in any bit of film he’s in,but I now see him more as a regular person, who had family and friends who are still out there and love and miss him, and less of an “idol” or  just a piece of merchandise. It was a life-changing moment for this fangirl. I’d prefer to take a higher road now.

I just wanted to make sure people know that I am not affiliated with,condone, condemn or contribute to  the new aforementioned community.


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  1. Ninevee said,

    October 11, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    I used to be a member of your (former) community… but I do agree with you although I have not met Louise Harrison:-) Actually I never posted anything (I was but a lurker) and I always considered watching the community as a guilty pleasure… still, I think that all this drooling and sighing and swooning and whatnot is completely unnecessary… that does not show any respect nor reverence toward George, does it! Let them new whores do what they will, I’ll stick to your blog (which is very nice and I keep it among my favourite pages in my browser). Cheers!

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