Update on..updates!

I apologize for the lack of updates; Halloween keeps me extremely busy. After the 31st, I should be able to post some of the things waiting in the chute, such as a life-size George marionette and pics of Dhani in concert!

I shall tide you over with yet another pic of George with his tongue stuck out(and a lot of five o’clock shadow!).



My Beatles Scarecrows!


If you’ve looked at my Puppatoons Blog recently, you may have heard about my scarecrows that I made to enter a contest at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Here’s an entry about how they did.

I guess it’s easy to spot George, haha…:)

Love those Stripes!


This is one of my favorite designs of stage suits the Boys had.

Quick bit of info:

A new community called “harrison_whores” has opened up on LiveJournal. I once owned the community “harrisonwhores” until two things happened:

A)People quit posting, and I got tired of being the only active member.  By keeping my own blog, visitors can come and go as they please, and I know that even if I am the only one  posting, the only person I have to answer to or be responsible for is me.

B) I met Louise Harrison. After talking with her, and seeing how much she respected keeping certain aspects of her brother’s life private,it made me think differently about him. I still adore him, love to see pics of him, and I’ll watch him like a hawk in any bit of film he’s in,but I now see him more as a regular person, who had family and friends who are still out there and love and miss him, and less of an “idol” or  just a piece of merchandise. It was a life-changing moment for this fangirl. I’d prefer to take a higher road now.

I just wanted to make sure people know that I am not affiliated with,condone, condemn or contribute to  the new aforementioned community.