Put ’em up, put ’em up!


Some sort of mock-battle taking place on the Salisbury Plain during the filming of Help! I think this might be Dick Lester, who incidentally, said George was the best actor of the four Beatles,even though Ringo felt the most comfortable as one.

On a more tirival note, I can’t get over how much freakin’ hair George has. Look at all that stuff.


George and a Little Weenie.


I Saw Her Standing There!

After the induction of The Beatles into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame,there was quite the jam session. I can recall seeing this on TV live–god, what an experience!

Among many others, you can see George, Ringo, Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen & Bob Dylanin this video footage.



I have no other words.

What swung me over.


This is pretty close to how George looked the day I think I swtiched from Diehard Ringo Fan to Diehard George Fan(although Ringo is still a close favorite–I love me Economy Class Beatles)

I was a teen, and mullets were cool. George just looked hot.The voice grabbed me.I was helpless to resist.

Bleachy Jeans.


This pic from behind the scenes of making Help! show George in his awesome bleached-out jeans that he did himself.

Don’t Pop the Poppermost.

Beatles Dolls Inflatable 1

It’s a bit sad and amusing that George could honestly say he’d been made into a blow-up doll.



I’ve read that George was often very uncomfortable about how thin he was, and didn’t care to be seen without a shirt. There’s a rather sweet passage in The White Book dealing with this. George and Pattie heard guests arriving at their house while they were out lounging by their pool. George quickly grabbed a long sleeved shirt from a chair and put it on, and the guests thought nothing of it. Later, out of earshot of George, Pattie explained to the guests that George was embarrassed about his slimness and didn’t really want to be seen without his shirt.

I admit, he’s pretty gangly here(I’m guessing he probably grew even thinner once he became a vegetarian), but he had great arms.

I am 99% certain this is from a photo session that eventually gave us the psychedelic images of The Beatles. Here is George’s:




Jeff Lynne, George, a fellow I cannot identify, and what looks like a box of Quaker Oats.

You just never know what will show up in a George photo.

Okay,I’ll let our dear Paul be in the spotlight…


But only because there’s a shirtless,biceppy George with a towel on his head in the background! XD

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