Party No Happy.


Looks as if the girls are having a good time (wonder if they were hand-picked groupies?) but George seems rather unimpressed.


Hmm..the hits seem to have gone down..


Here’s just the remedy….;)

George Checks for Typos.


I love this photo. I wonder what he’s focusing on. Or, I suppose he could be signing it, since his right hand isn’t visible.

Why have I never seen these before??


These adorable little figures are made in Taiwan, but that’s all that the ebay auction described, and they are long gone and sold. But aren’t they cute? I cannot find the photo at the moment (anyone who has it, post it!), but as you can see, the poses are taken directly from one of the famous Weston Super-Mare beach photos made by Dezo Hoffman in 1963.

The swimsuits and poses are perfect. The likenesses are decent, too, although Paul is looking a little too much like John for my taste. And of course, there’s George…dear George, in his adorably spindly-legged long pants.

..and for your enjoyment, here are the Boys  frolicking in living color in those same suits!



I always like seeing pics of George dressed casually, with that wide leather belt. Offsets those lean little hips quite nicely.

Hirschfeld George.


A lovely cartoon by the late, great, caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.

Here are some other Hirschfeld drawings of the group!




1967 (gotta find a bigger copy,even if the colors are wrong!)





Nature Lover George


I always love seeing images of George interacting with animals. He liked and owned  cats and obviously had an affection for birds, as seen in this charming GIF of him holding what I think is a juvenile albatross or similar bird from that area. This could have been during the trip to Tahiti with John, Cynthia and Pattie.

And in case you didn’t notice them, check out those precious EARS!

Mum Couldn’t Believe It.


George’s whole family is pictured here; Harry, Louise, George(being cheeky),Peter, and Mother Louise and Father Harry.

I read something fascinating in one of my books. Louise Harrison, George’s mum, was one of the many people who believed that the Apollo landing was a hoax, but in Louise’s case things were a big different. Psychologists say that sometimes when  a person has had something so overwhelming happen in his or her life–such as one’s child becoming globally famous–that the mind becomes completely saturated, numbed, and unable to comprehend other seemingly implausible events. In other words, although she was immensely proud of her youngest, her  mind couldn’t accept another huge happening.

Just thought that was interesting to add with all the Apollo hubbub going on.

“It’s a bit tight around the….uh..hips.”


(left, the suit’s 1967 debut; right, its  return from the closet in 1988)

George’s single “When We Was Fab” from his smash comeback album Cloud Nine was not only an amusing song, but was accompanied by a weird, wacky, wonderful video. Directed by Godley and Creme, this quirky little film shows George, among true oddities such as having eight arms, wearing his original Sergeant Pepper costume.

I saw a truly adorable clip of George talking about wearing this suit. Now, I might add that if you look at the old Beatles stage costumes from way back when, especially when you see them up close in a museum, it’s amazing how tiny they are. They’re small. They’re tight. Itty little things. The Pepper costumes seem a tad more loose, but still, these Fab fellows, especially George, were thin. Young George was incredibly narrow and his suit was of course tailored to fit. In the  interview talking about the “Fab” video, an older,heavier George impishly explained that “Yes, it’s the real suit. But we had to shoot it from far away because it’s a bit..tight around the, uh…hips, and I kept popping out of it.”

The eight-armed George was created through the magic of special effects and a sort of puppetry feat. And this is where it gets interesting; In a 90’s  interview I watched long ago of Godley & Creme, the two explained that a headless, armless form of George was actually cast, dressed, mounted on a wall and these people stuck their limbs through it, being all George’s arms. George’s head,filmed separately, was put on in post production. For the shots involving only his head, George had to sit completely still and not move his head as he lip-synched the song, and actually got very exhausted,nearly dozing off,while doing it. Funny how hard it can be to keep still for that long.:) No explanation was given about the legs, however; they very deftly bring themselves up into a lotus position at the end of the video; George was able to do this, but who knows if those are his legs and/or if they were put on in post production.

(Does this mean a plaster cast was actually made of George’s body to make the model? Who has it? Where is it?That would be an interesting souvenir, no doubt.)

Also in the “Fab” video,Ringo appears, and although Paul was not available to appear in the video, a person in a walrus costume playing left-handed bass(referencing Paul) is shown jamming with Harrison while Ringo drums. Also making brief cameos are Gary Wright, Elton John, Derek Taylor, Jeff Lynne, Ray Cooper and Neil Aspinall. John Lennon, who died in 1980, is represented by a passer-by carrying his Imagine album.

Have a look!

PRICELESS footage of George watching “This Boy”!

The YouTube description says it all:

Here is some priceless footage of George watching the Beatles performing “This Boy” from years before. He seems to be in a great mood and not bitter about the Beatles at all at this point. Enjoy!

I think Olivia is standing behind George as he watches.

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