Check out this Beatles kid’s costume from the 60’s. I love, love, love, how it’s the type of costume that has the sort of “apron” with crazy colorful graphics on it, typical of costumes of  this era,instead of something that looks like a gray or black Beatles suit. (safety, perhaps?)

The best part is of course, the mask. As startling as it is to look at, you have to admit, it really looks like George!




I love pics like these…George, you grew your hair longer, but you couldn’t  hide those big round ears forever. Put on sunglasses and *poink!* there they are.:)


Oh, my god! There’s a cute little wee icon for this blog now if you bookmark it!

Whaddaya think about that, Georgie?


Window Seat.


Although I’ve always preferred pics of George clean-shaven and with generally shorter hair, I’ve always liked this pic on the inside of the All Things Must Pass album. So many pics from this era show George scowling or at least not smiling, and, given the events going on in his life at the time, I can understand. But something about this one harks back to the early days, as if that’s George simply wearing a wig and fake beard and feeling rather cheeky about it.

Colorized George!


Colorized B&W photos and movies irritate me to death. Still, this is a lovely photo of George.

My favorite guitar


George with his Gibson SG.I think this is from the “Lady Madonna” session.

That’s our Boy!

I love George’s answer to “What kind of girl do you like?”



George looks as if he’s been hit with a stun gun .not quite all there.

Hello from Maui.


Very nice pic of George at his Hawaiian home.

The longhaired guy in the back…


This pic was taken in Dec. 1969, when, I believe, he was playing along with Delaney & Bonnie.

Here’s a clip:

Notice George has his famous “Rocky” guitar..that warrants its own post later..:)

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