Nice hur.

Is it my imagination or is his nose sunburned here? Anyway, this is a very nice pic of George from the mid-sixties. Poor thing still was having some skin troubles, though. I feel your pain, George!


I also have an amusing confession to make. I was at my favorite thrift store yesterday afternoon, and they had a bunch of human hair wigs, falls and extentions. They often have a lot of those. Anyway, they were all still in their plastic cases and obviously hadn’t been used.They were all fresh and clean and pristine. There was one wig, I swear, it was like a REAL Beatle wig, and not just any Beatle wig, but it had the right thickness and  color that matches this photo perfectly. I took it out and petted it.Needless to say, it was rather tempting to buy. But I held back. Actually, I stuck it back in the package and kinda made an effort to stay away from it(whistles innocently).


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