Just a laugh.


Notice how much straighter Geo’s teeth are in this pic–alas, the fangs seem to be disappearing. But it’s still a great shot of George in a moment of amusement.


All my George Characters.

Yesh, plug-time. 🙂


I finally decided to gather all my George-related cartoon and puppet characters here. That was fun!

The post does not include L’Angelo, the main character in NorthClaw; he’s still quite separate. But man, there sure are a lot of these Dark Horse-esque fellas. 🙂

Nice hur.

Is it my imagination or is his nose sunburned here? Anyway, this is a very nice pic of George from the mid-sixties. Poor thing still was having some skin troubles, though. I feel your pain, George!


I also have an amusing confession to make. I was at my favorite thrift store yesterday afternoon, and they had a bunch of human hair wigs, falls and extentions. They often have a lot of those. Anyway, they were all still in their plastic cases and obviously hadn’t been used.They were all fresh and clean and pristine. There was one wig, I swear, it was like a REAL Beatle wig, and not just any Beatle wig, but it had the right thickness and  color that matches this photo perfectly. I took it out and petted it.Needless to say, it was rather tempting to buy. But I held back. Actually, I stuck it back in the package and kinda made an effort to stay away from it(whistles innocently).

Poofy Shirt Judo Chop! At Gunpoint!


This is from the infamous “Ringo Running Around in a Hot Pink Towel with a Pistol” photo session, and all of them are an absolute hoot to look at.

Does anyone know the story of WHY Ringo is in the hot pink towel? I know they’re hanging out by a pool of an American actor that was in old Western movies…did Ringo get his trousers soaked and that was all he had to wear?

Funny Face!


Great. Now I can’t remember the full story behind this, but I’ll do my best.

British Eastern Airlines (or is it Airways) had four cutout blank Beatle faces on the inside door of a plane in which the Beatles were traveling. Given the length of this “George” cutout’s hair, I am guessing it was 1966. The cutouts were taken down and the Beatles were asked to autograph them (it might have been for charity, but now I can’t find the blasted article) any way they wished. George drew this hilarious face and signed his chin. 🙂

Attention! Dear sweet “Letitbeatles” on Twitter gave me the original link I had lost. Thank you!



George wearing protective headgear during the Beatles’ meeting with Muhammad Ali.

Miami Beach Chest-Display Race: John Lennon disqualified!


You’re welcome,ladies.

Overheard in Liverpool.com

I simply have to give a plug to this hilarious blog I follow that makes you feel as if you’re…really there!

( I feel as if I can vouch since I have indeed, been there–but that’s another post!)

Happy Birthday,Olivia Harrison


George’s dear “Livvy”.:)

Just a great pic.


I think what I like most about this pic(other than George’s great violet shirt) is that it almost looks as if it could have been taken today. The clothes aren’t really dated, and neither are the hairstyles.

Who is the guy on the left?  I can’t place the face.

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