Another reason I had lose the old community I had; nobody posts anything for months,so finally I close the community, thinking it’s simply time to put it to rest,and suddenly I’m seeing people with plenty of time and plenty of things to post to other communities. Dangitall, I probably would have kept it open if there had been this sort of participation.

Ah, well. I’m fine with posting what I like, and people can come at their leisure and take a look if they so choose. I do the work and I can do it my way. And I made some great friends that I think I’ll have around a long time,so no hard feelings.:)

Okay, I can let this go now. *flutters*

Just to show I’m not a totally bad sport, here ya go!


Ooh, people must be linking to this….the number of hits skyrocketed. (rubs mitts together)

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