George vs. Food.

I’ve noticed for years that there seems to be a large amount of photos of George caught snacking. I’m trying to avoid showing photos of regular sit-down meals with the other Beatles; just ones in which he’s eating on his own. And I still wonder if you could find as many with the other Boys.
Here’s just a tiny sampling of what I have:


Back in his non-vegetarian days, George scarfs down a hot dog in a studio canteen.


Looks like maybe an in-studio breakfast here, with toast and jam. Yum!


And of course, in A Hard Day’s Night, he munched that roll all through the first scene in the train compartment. Wonder if it took several takes,and he ended up completely stuffed?


Here, George looks pretty interested in that popcorn. Look out, boys!(I included that one because of that predatory look on his face…Want popcorn!)

I seem to recall an amusing anecdote from George himself in his autobiography about being able to put away two cheeseburgers and several pints of beer when he was younger.Yet in her book, Pattie Boyd reminisces that George was never hungry and never ate much of anything. I wonder how much she truly remembers. I mean, the Beatles themselves have outwardly said they can’t remember half of what gets hashed and re-hashed in the books! 🙂



You now have everything categoried, my loves! Check out that big ol’ longlist of categories over there. It’s ready to go, and it only took me maybe 30 minutes. Have fun!


“Everything all neat n’ boxed up, eh?”

Tired Beatles.


Poor guys. I can’t imagine how exhausting their schedule must have been. George looks ready to pass out, and he’d better mind his ciggy!

The George Harrison Room at The George Hotel!

Across the pond from me, in the village of Buckden, England, there is a hotel known as “the GEORGE HOTEL & BRASSERIE”. Each of its bedrooms is named after a particular important George in history. And wouldn’t you know it, they have a GEORGE HARRISON ROOM.

Now, calm down, as it isn’t a retro or kitschy-decorated Beatle room and it is not loaded with treasures from India. However, the simple charm of the white-walled room with a hardwood floor, combined with purple, silky curtains and a gold-and-purple silk bedspread somehow invoke a feeling of the young, Liverpool-born George and the George of later years with his Krishna influences, respectively.

Looks like a lovely place.

George,Mal, a fellow I can’t remember, and George’s..Jacket.


Pimp it, baby.

Ack! I still need to tag!

Sorry, everyone, for the lack of  having things tagged for easy lookin’s. I can only offer this until I get to it:


Poor George..even he looks impatient.


Another reason I had lose the old community I had; nobody posts anything for months,so finally I close the community, thinking it’s simply time to put it to rest,and suddenly I’m seeing people with plenty of time and plenty of things to post to other communities. Dangitall, I probably would have kept it open if there had been this sort of participation.

Ah, well. I’m fine with posting what I like, and people can come at their leisure and take a look if they so choose. I do the work and I can do it my way. And I made some great friends that I think I’ll have around a long time,so no hard feelings.:)

Okay, I can let this go now. *flutters*

Just to show I’m not a totally bad sport, here ya go!


Ooh, people must be linking to this….the number of hits skyrocketed. (rubs mitts together)

From the air–a view of George’s Home in Maui


I think the area  right on the coast is the Harrison property.


Close-up of the gardens.

I got these off of an aviation site, I think. I’ve had them so long I’ve forgotten. If you are the owner of these pics, please let me know and I will credit or remove them.

Bedtime with the Beatles–George Edition.

Sorry, girls, not what you think.;) Still, you can enjoy this lovely screencap of George snoozing on a plane while soft instrumental versions of classic Beatles songs play.

Again, by popular demand.

Dang. You people really want to see George in a swimsuit. Here, here! Take it! 🙂


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