“Take Good Care of my Baby”…beautiful and throaty.

From what is now called “The Decca Audition“, this is a gorgeous rendition of “Take Good Care of my Baby”,with George singing lead in a deep, breathy voice we rarely get to experience.


George the Yak.


Excellent shot of George Harrison during the famous “Rooftop Session”. I do think it’sa colorized black-and-white, however.


I hated to delete my old Livejournal community, but people simply won’t post nuttin’. So,if I’m going to be the one doing 95% of the posting anyway,I’d rather be on my own. I’m totally okay with sharing this blog with people, but I’m not interested in running a community anymore.


Off with the old, in with the new.

We can thank Dhani Harrison for “Rock Band” Beatles edition.


First, I have to get something off my chest. I like Dhani–he seems like a decent, kind, talented fellow–but I’m really puzzled and shocked that he participated in a  trendy photo shoot involving a lot–and I mean a lot—-of fur, especially since his father became such a  champion of the environment and  protecting nature and not harming animals. You can try Googling the photo shoot on your own; I’m not showing it here.

That said,I have to admit that we fans of the video game Rock Band, some of which have been salivating to get our mitts on Beatles songs to play, have Dhani to thank for this wish coming true:


Starpulse Entertainment News Blog:

George Harrison’s son Dhani is taking the credit for the new The Beatles: Rock Band video game – revealing he convinced the surviving band members to agree to the project.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are notoriously reluctant to allow their music to be used for commercial endeavors, but were won over by a mock-up Harrison Jr. put together using his dad’s solo music.

McCartney, Starr and John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono gave the concept the thumbs up – and Dhani has landed a job helping to develop the game alongside Giles Martin, the son of the band’s longtime producer George Martin.

The game will hit stores around the world in September, and will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

It will come with a limited number of instruments that are modeled after guitars, basses and drums used by Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

And Harrison, 30, promises fans a treat. He tells Blender magazine, “The game blows my mind. It’s infinitely better than Rock Band 2.”

*Jaws Music*


It would be my guess that Paul had a pretty clear view of George’s tonsils quite a lot during the early years of their career.

The Big Import!

I have imported all the posts from my previous George blog into this one. YAY, WORDPRESS!!

I still  need to go back and sort things into categories, but that can wait.

Crazy Long-Haired Music.


I am actually not sure where this photo was taken; it might have been in a record executive’s office in 1970, but my memory is fuzzy. And George Harrison is rather fuzzy here, too.

Lucky Girl. (posted for friend Terri)


Don’t know who this fortunate lil’ chicky is!

Threetles Party!


I do believe Pattie Boyd took this photo. Naughty George Harrison is”being a minx”, as I remember her describing the scene. He is trying to get Ringo to have a drink,even after Ringo went through rehab and insists staying sober was a major struggle. Boys, boys, boys.

George Harrison hits the dirt.


Screencap from Help!, when George tumbles out onto the road after his master plan of loosening the tire on the pink car, making it crash…with him and Ringo in the open trunk.

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