Go, Georgie, GO!

This is ’63,I think, and our Georgie boy is just one smokin’ hot kid.


My Beatles Library and Wish List.

I think you can pretty much get all the info on each book from it’s picture.:)

This one is “Harrison” by the editors of Rolling Stone.Can’t find the dust cover.


PRE-ORDER: Wonderful Tonight

Ten Years that Shook the World

Before he was Fab

Postcards from the Boys
Complete Pictoral Record of A Hard Day’s Night
The Beatles in Cleveland
Magical Mystery Tours
One Night Stand in the Heartland
The Man who Gave the Beatles Away
Jurgen Vollmer: The Beatles in Hamburg
The Beatles in Help!
The Beatles Encyclopedia
Mystical One–George Harrison after the Breakup

Lizzie Webb and George.

This is a darling photo of Wilburys-era George and Lizzie Webb of TV-AM, which is a sort of morning show in the UK.And of course, you can see some of George’s lovely garden hedges in the background.
Also, note the crazy green Telecaster George is carrying around, unplugged.

EDIT: Oops,I thought the green Strat George is holding was the green Telecaster he has here>But on closer inspection, of course they are completely different, even down to the white pickguard on the former.