Sleeping Beatles.

This is from the movie Help! and of course the Boys are just doing this for the camera,but I am so glad George is right in the front; that is such an adorable shot of him all snuggled in bed. Just darling.
There is also a continuity glitch here.After John calls the others on the phone and wakes them up,a nightstand magically appears by George’s bed.

I also think it’s funny that George is wearing his watch with pajamas,and his hair is perfect. If the crew had wanted a little realism, they should have had George’s hair be an absolute wreck.Judging from hotel-room pictures I’ve seen of just-woken-up Beatles, George had some incredible pillow hair. But, this is a fictional sixties movie with a popular batch of celebrity darlings, and I guess the crew wanted them looking slick and clean.

Here’s George with some nice pillow hair,and not looking very happy about having his picture taken with it.


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