Deleted Scene from "Help!"

Observe this strange picture.George under some kind of glass or plastic bubble.I’m sure you’re all thinking, “what the–?”

Ever wondered why, in the movie Help!, George didn’t have a “Ringo unmasked” scene? Well, in the novelization of the movie, he did, and it looks as if it was actually filmed and discarded.There is no way this strange picture can be anything but.

By the way, deleted scenes can be found here.
Allow me to explain the scene:

(please keep in mind I’m writing this from memory, as my book of Help! is nowhere to be found at the moment)

The Boys are in the Bahamas, of course, and John and Paul have both had their stabs at being Ringo,and getting conked, but fooling the Kaili Cult thugs.Well, it seems that to keep the next Beatle from being hurt, a wily device is employed.
“Ringo” is relaxing in this lounge chair outside in the sun,sound asleep and snoring a little.The thugs sneak up on him and try to bash his brains out with clubs only to discover that “Ringo” is protected under an invisible glass/plastic bubble thingy.”Ringo” wakes up, pulls off his mask and reveals that he is George.I think the shot here is showing George actually in the act of pulling the mask from his face.You can also see one of the clubs hitting the bubble, and in the distance some of the Bahamian police officers are coming to the rescue.And you can see the ‘Ringo” shirt he is wearing is like John’s and Paul’s.

Neat, eh??


1 Comment

  1. melissa said,

    October 6, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    wish they kept that in and the school part it been coolio. They should make the Help movie like digitally remasted or whatever and put on the deleted scenees, same with a hard days night

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