Don’t scratch on camera.

This pic shows George and his lovely bride Olivia in the early 80’s, in Australia,where they had a home on Hamilton Island,I believe.

It also shows that George seems to have no modesty about taking care of an itch while cameras are present.


’64, on the Beach in Miami.

Pictures of the Boys in Miami are some of the best Beatle photos ever, for obvious reasons–tight little swimsuits.
George definitely had the hairiest legs of the bunch.

Drop the Towel!

On a hotel balcony, waving to fans, George seems to be missing one important item of clothing and has replaced it with a towel.I bet the others brought him out on the balcony just to whip the fans into a frenzy down below:”Drop the towel! Drop the towel!”

Bite Me.

George gnaws on then-girlfriend Pattie’s thumb.She married him anyway.

Wilbury George and his Crazy Shoes.

As well as looking very handsome in this photo,George is wearing some of his nutty colorful tennis shoes.

George Cracks Up.

This awesome sequence of photos shows “The Great Stone Face”,as John once called him, finally surrendering to the surrounding tee-hees (Paul has already lost it) and having a laugh.

“I don’t know what you lot think is so funny….” (sulks)

“Well, I suppose it was mildly amusing..”

“Must…keep…mouth straight….”


“Ah, what the hell…HAH!”

Funniest Screencap Ever.

Well, in Help!,anyway.This is George in the process of fainting over a hypodermic needle.

Wild George Hip Cock.

I know I’ve posted this pic before…but..rawr….sometimes George really knew how to place those hips.

George as a Vulture!

If you watch the Disney movie Jungle Book,you may notice a distinct similarity of the Vultures to The Beatles. I have heard numerous stories from “The Beatles were asked to do the voices and refused,mainly through John Lennon throwing a fit” to “The Beatles were asked to provide the voices and their scheduling simply didn’t have room for it”. Nevertheless,although one could say that the carrion birds could resemble any sixties British band, there are some individual features they have that remind me very much of The Fab Four. I cannot deliver a YouTube clip, unfortunately–that stinks,because some of the voices they did end up with are strikingly similar to the Beatle to which each one corresponds.You just gotta hear them!
Ah, well..Let’s explore.

Ziggy is the “John” vulture.He is the main joker, the instigator of trouble and is…well….chunky.

Dizzy is our “George”.He is extremely deadpan and his voice has a most humorous resemblance to the real George’s. He is also by far the skinniest and the most hunched-over,matching Harrison’s thin frame and often hunched shoulders.

Buzzy is the “Ringo” version of the Vultures.He’s the shortest,has the deepest voice, huge beak, and virtually no chin. I might also add that when he speaks, you hear a little snare drum in the soundtrack.

And then there’s Flaps, the “Paul”. He speaks in quick, short sentences and has the “pretty” look of the four, with big dreamy eyes and an often-puckered mouth.

Here is Ziggy coaxing the others, or rather shoving them, off the end of their branch to go down and hassle Mowgli.

The Vultures pick on Mowgli,cracking jokes at his strange apearance(they have no idea what a human is) until they realize they’ve hurt his feelings and regret doing so. Look how Dizzy is standing, looks so very like George.

The four sing like a barbershop quartet,but Dizzy, Flaps and Ziggy (George, Paul and John) start the main harmony and Buzzy adds a low part at the end, again like Ringo.

Despite their shabby appearance and slight obnoxiousness, the Vultures have hearts of gold and welcome Mowgli into their circle (okay, the Beatles were more tightly knit than that). But here, Dizzy and Flaps look especially like George and Paul, I think. With Dizzy, it’s the “hair”. Flaps just has that ever-cheerful-Paul expression.

Silk Robe.

Ever seen Harry Benson’s black-and-white pics of the Beatles having a pillow fight,and reading fan mail on the floor, and George is in a shiny robe?

It’s silk, baby,and it’s deep blue.Here’s a color photo of it.

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