Classic Lineup

A fantastic early pic of the Beatles.It’s easier to compare heights and such when they are all standing on the same level, of course. Paul and George were the same height, John about an inch shorter.George had a longer torso than Paul,though.And then there’s dear little teeny Ringo on the end.:)


With Painting.

Geo seems unimpressed with a painting of the Boys which is serving as a backdrop.

Just look over your shoulder….

“Enjoying the scenery, luv?”

“Land Ho!”

At the WDGY press conference,George peeps through a rolled-up magazine telescope.
This is one of my favorite interviews,and can be found on the DVD Fun with the Fab Four.

Paul and George Butt Heads

I often wonder if these two ever had a case of conking their heads together on stage in an over-enthusiastic rush to the microphone.

“Is This On?”

During the WDGY press interview, George hassles the microphone.

Mum, Dad, Wifey and–?

Here’s an unusual one.Here’s Geo’s parents, Harry and Louise, wife Pattie,and an unidentified fan.

“Yeah, right.”

This magazine cover cracks me up.Read all the gobbledygook in the upper right corner, then cast your eyes back at Geo’s face:”I can’t believe the crap they write about us.”

George breaks his neck–almost.

Darn! I cannot remember where the Boys are in this pic, but look at George checking out the hot babe standing behind them.It seems that she was a Miss America candidate,if memory serves.

New Home,’64.

A 1964 newspaper article featuring George at his just-purchased home in Esher called “Kinfauns”.George pretty much bought this home,like a bowerbird,to install his new girlfriend and future wife, Pattie Boyd.I have to admit it was a rather smart,if abrupt, move, as the Beatles’ hectic schedule and nonexistent privacy left no time or chance to get to know a girl very well.
Love the sandals and black socks.Not to mention the sexy stance.Rawr.

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