Whew! Sorry for the absence.


To make up for being away so long, I offer you George, just gotten up, in his pajamas and unshaved, with trashed hair.


You’re welcome.:)



Growing up with…George?

A great little article by a regular visitor to Friar Park.:)



Eye, matey!!


I do believe this was when the Boys were called to Madame Tussauds wax museum to match his eye color with his wax figure.

Problem with your Beatle? Just reboot!

Hope everyone had a nice Mum’s Day!

I apologize sincerely for the lack of updates. Got a new computer, but all my photos are on the old one and it’s a bit of a hike getting to the old pics.

St. Patty’s Day means..

Happy Birthday, Pattie Boyd!

Happy Early Birthday!

Well, I’m not going to go through the usual “was he born ten minutes before midnight” or “was he born ten minutes after midnight” whimwam… George, wherever you are, we love you.

I must take this moment to mention a book, A Date With a Beatle, which is all about the exciting true events and mishaps leading up to an obsessed fan’s meeting with her idol–our dear George. It’s a really fun romp and my friend Judith, the author, is hilarious. I highly recommend checking it out.

Oh, George…


….no wonder the poor guy hated cameras…

Stunning Profile, Dropped Jaw

I’ve noticed something really cute in many many pics of George…when he is focusing on what he’s doing, his mouth drops open. Here’s a fine example.

Singing in the Shower!

Sorry, folks, if I fooled ya..(wink, wink). Seriously, though, aren’t the acoustics in bathrooms great?

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